Reach Your Potential

Everyone wants to find ways to stand out during the job application process. Make sure your application doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons though. Lack of professionalism and general lapses in judgment are the quickest way ruin your chances.

Writing Your CV

When writing your CV it is important to realise the objective of exactly what your intending to achieve. Remember your CV is your basic first impression to a potential employer. It gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and to sell and market your skills as a means to progress to interview. In terms of presentation your CV should be written on a good quality paper and you should use a plain typeface in black ink. The inclusion of a footer with your name on is a good idea for quick reference for the reader, but the addition of borders is unnecessary and generally a waste of time.

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Succeed At Interview

Job interviews are an integral part of the recruitment process. They are sometimes difficult and awkward situations but there are no reasons why, with the correct planning, they cannot be handled efficiently. Before the interview, perform some research on the company. Find out information that is relevant to the job and prepare some appropriate questions that you can ask. Think about the companies current financial situation and how it is run. Look for obvious competitors within the market place. Think about what your skills are and how best to apply them to the job.

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Job Search

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Helping You

We know it can seem daunting to find a new job, but we're here to help. Whether you’re looking for a change of career and need to re-train, need some help making your CV look presentable, or would like advice for attending interviews, being well informed is the key. If you have a question that you need help with, please contact a member of our recruitment team and we will be happy to help you.