Face The Fear

Through lack of preparation, poorly constructed answers and naive mistakes almost ninety percent of job seekers miss out on the job within the first few minutes of the interview. Use our advice below to boost your chances of interview success.

Succeed At Interview

Job interviews are an integral part of the recruitment process. They are sometimes difficult and awkward situations but there are no reasons why, with the correct planning, they cannot be handled efficiently. Before the interview, perform some research on the company. Find out information that is relevant to the job and prepare some appropriate questions that you can ask. Think about the companies current financial situation and how it is run. Look for obvious competitors within the market place. Think about what your skills are and how best to apply them to the job.

The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. The first judgement an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing and your general demeaner. An early night the night before will help with your confidence. Dress smartly and present yourself in a manner that will convey you in a positive light. From the moment you are greeted by a representative from the company your interview is underway and you should be aware of exactly how you carry yourself throughout the whole time you are on company property. Conducting a successful interview is closely linked with posessing and displaying a healthy level of self confidence.


Job Search

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The Interview

During the interview pay close attention, listen very carefully and think about your responses before you answer. This will slow the pace of the interview down and help you to be confident in your answers. Speak clearly and confidently, don’t be too sure of yourself and use your body to communicate.

Ask Questions

There will be a point in an interview where you are asked if you have any questions. If you have done your research you should have some idea of how the company works, and your interest and experience should help prepare some questions to ask. You may also be interested in how many people are working in your department, and the possibility of internal training schemes and in house promotion.